We create sites for business

Image corporate websites and selling online stores in niches with high competition.

How we are working?

Problem statement and research
A correctly formulated task contains a solution, so we pay special attention to this stage. The more information and input, the better the final result.
We make a visual concept, adaptive layouts of all pages, icons and illustrations, animation, write tests, prepare a ui-kit. If necessary, we design a design system.
Based on the results of the first stage, we think over the logic and structure. We make detailed prototypes, work out user scenarios, draw up a technical task.
Layout and programming
Developers work in team with a designer. The layout is checked in the process, which helps to immediately see the points that can be made more convenient and correct. The next step is to integrate the layout with the software part and the business logic of the product.
readiness for change is more important
following the original plan
Tests and launch
We carry out functional, technical and stress tests. We set up the server architecture, transfer the site to your server.